Multitudinous Pulchritudinous is Hip

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In order to be a hipster, reports one hip website, you can’t just shop at Goodwill and expect to be taken ironically.  You have to adopt the whole program including the right lingo:

  • While there will be many variations and part of the reality of hipster culture is that things change constantly, there are some things that it’s useful to know:
  • Remember to use perhaps the most important hipster line: “I liked them before they were cool.” Another good line given the recent spate of disasters is to say something like: “I donated to Haiti… before the disaster.”
  • Namedrop often. Talk about all the obscure bands you like that nobody you know has heard of. When your friends talk about a band you’re unfamiliar with, just say you’ve heard of them but not actually heard them. Look them up the next time you have a chance to. It’ll give you more cred.
  • Insult a lot of bands. If you love everything you’ll seem like a fanatic. Make sure to give off a vibe that you’re too cool and elite for a lot of bands.
  • If you would like to seem more educated and elite there is the key phrase “I liked their first EP, but pretty much after that I never got into them.”
  • Use made-up words as often as possible. Or use real words that no one really knows the meaning of unless they look the words up – examples: pulchritudinous, cordiform, and petrichor.

Maynard G. Krebs says it’s like groovy, man

Get the attitude of lassitude here:



(Krebs was the “beatnik” character on the 1959 – 1963 TV show “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.”)

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